Since its inception in 1997, Darshan International has been a leading name in the incense stick industry. The wholesale incense sticks manufacturers in India, are based in Bangalore and provide high quality, affordable, fragrant agarbattis to their ever growing users. Offering more than 35 types of fragrances in fruity, herbal, floral, oriental, cosmetic, woody undertones, you can pick from an array of choices such as Swarna Mogra, Swarna Chandan, Swarna Rajanigandha, Swarna Gulab, Swarna Kasturi, etc. Original, distinct, aromatic and natural, Darshan International provide a unique and splendid experience to the users every time they are lit.

Darshan International's USP is their cutting edge, end-to-end manufacturing facility. From the mixing of ingredients to shelf, every single process of their products is completed in-house. This includes an exclusive perfume lab, a state-of-the-art R&D Center, well maintained blending section, graphics lab to design packaging, and to top it all, a printing press with German machinery. This end-to-end solution of products, from raw material to store isels, is what gives them a clear market advantage.

Darshan has a total 130,000 sqft. production unit operating in multiple locations across India in the states of Karnataka, Assam and Tamil Nadu. Another 80,000 sqft. backward integration unit at Tirupattur. A 12,000 sqft. printing unit with 6 colour high-end offset machines and state of art German machnes for boxes conversion at Bangaalore.

Factory - Karnataka
Factory - Tamil Nadu
Factory - Assam
Factory - SriLanka