State Export Excellence Award winning Darshan International was founded by Mr. T. Srinivas.

Darshan Incense, a prime venture of Darshan International, is one of the top agarbatti brands in the Indian market. Darshan Incense was launched in the year 1987 by Mr. T. Srinivas, the visionary founder of Darshan International; his business acumen, experience and enthusiasm has given the product its strength to stay steady at the top.

Since the year 2000 the overall management of the company has fallen into the hands of two young turks, Mr. T. S. Ashok and Mr. T. S. Harsha, the generation next of Darshan International. Following in the footsteps of their illustrious father Mr. T. Srinivas, the young men have taken the company to new highs. And now brand Darshan Incense proudly treasures, over 30 years of prosperous history, in which time the brand has gone through exceptional evolution with constant research and development to unravel products that have become market favourites.

With a dedicated consumer base, the popularity of Darshan Incense has consistently grown over the past 30 years. Encouraged by this growth, Darshan has taken its products far and wide in the international markets with overwhelming success.

The Government of Karnataka has recognised Darshan’s incredible success story by conferring on Darshan International the ‘State Export Excellence Award 2013-14’, presented by the Chief Minister himself.