Diversifying product range to meet the varied demands of international markets has made Darshan Incense a favourite brand overseas.

Mr. T. Srinivas, a philanthropist and an astute businessman, started the incense making unit of Darshan International when he realized that the market was not completely covered. Owing to, either lack of incense makers or the products not living up to market standards; the demand was higher than the supply. Mr. Srinivas wanted to bridge that gap by capturing the space. The business idea, coupled with the sentimental value attached to the product (considered to give a divine boost to invocation), made Mr. Srinivas more determined to enter this market.

However, over the years the use of incense has diversified and Darshan International, under the able leadership of Mr. T. S. Ashok and Mr. T. S. Harsha has moulded itself accordingly to cater to the diverse demands. With an informed awareness and a nose for innovation, they have been developing products to meet every need. They have become pioneers in manufacturing products for the future and that is one of the reasons the international market is embracing the brand with eager anticipation.

As the use of incense has broken the barriers of religion and culture, so has Darshan Incense come up with a product range that meets every need and keeps everybody happy and satisfied. They manufacture a wide range of quality products to cater to vivid demands like, incense sticks for India, dhoop for Japan, cones or bakhoor in the Middle East and many more, as the demand may be.