How Darshan’s scent spread across oceans.

It is a funny story in hindsight.  Mr. T. Srinivas (the founder of Darshan) and his wife were visiting Malaysia, this was in the early 90’s when Indian market was just starting to notice Darshan Incense’s sweet smell. Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas were on their way to visit a local temple in Kuala Lumpur and they stopped to buy some incense sticks and flowers to offer at the temple. Now guess what the local vendor sold them?

Yes. He sold them Darshan Incense. Apparently, some guy from India was exporting it to Malaysia. Can you imagine the pride and joy that swept through Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas after the initial bout of surprise! And quite naturally the export division of Darshan Incense was started as soon as he landed back in Bangalore.